In this period, in fact, all of us will have noticed an intensification of hair loss: who more, some less. However, when certain pathologies are not in progress, this is a normal physiological process determined not only by the change in temperatures but also by the variation in the hours of light throughout the day that affects a rather complex mechanism mediated by melatonin, a regulating hormone of the light-dark cycle.

For these reasons, it is possible to meet this physiological mechanism by countering the massive fall of hair with the help of certain products that stimulate the cutaneous microcirculation normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

In this regard, my review today is dedicated to a brand new Vianek reference that I had the pleasure of testing thanks to the collaboration with Anna Gąsiorowska, the main referent of Made in Poland products.

The product I want to present to you is the Normalizing Skin Tonic; perfect for strengthening bulbs and helping hair growth.

This natural remedy has been prepared as a tonic to be used on the skin with light massages. It promises to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands thanks to the wonderful complex of extracts of Nettle, Equisetum, Burdock, Sage, and Birch. This product is also rich in minerals such as zinc, copper and silicon, vitamins and essential oils of Rosemary and Eucalyptus that refresh, stimulate and nourish the skin.


  • Nettle Extract: Nettle leaves provide vitamins and minerals useful for strengthening hair; its extract fights dandruff and oily hair; contrasts the fall; stimulates regrowth;
  • Horsetail Extract: remineralizing effect beneficial to scalp and hair; it has reinforcing properties and slows the process of falling, especially if it is early;
  • Burdock Extract: fights hair loss and stimulates hair growth; it has draining, purifying and detoxifying properties;
  • Sage extract: effective natural remedy that allows you to strengthen the hair, prevent hair loss and promote growth; it has strong purifying power and normalizing sebum;
  • Birch Extract: stimulates hair regrowth and slows the fall; has purifying and detoxifying effects;
  • Rosemary essential oil: an effective natural remedy that helps strengthen the hair, prevent hair loss and promote growth; it has strong purifying power and normalizing sebum;
  • Eucalyptus essential oil: it has antiseptic, normalizing, anti-fat properties and evokes positive sensations to the mind and spirit; an excellent natural remedy for lice!


After carefully washing and towel-drying my hair I proceed with the application of the tonic massaging the skin for a few minutes to stimulate the bulbs and the skin microcirculation.

Later, I proceed with my styling and drying products.

This product must not be rinsed and can also be applied to dry hair. It is advisable, in fact, to apply several times during the week for intensive treatment and to obtain better results.

It is easily applied to the skin thanks to its practical spray dispenser.

The fragrance is delicate and predominantly herbaceous. The scent of Sage and Rosemary prevails; however, it is not persistent and invasive.

After a month of use, I could actually find a decrease in my hair loss and above all a better regrowth!

Furthermore, the skin remains clean longer thanks to its purifying and normalizing effect on the sebaceous glands.

I recommend using this product with a lot of patience and perseverance, following the instructions for use to obtain satisfactory and lasting results.

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