The product that I present to you today is the Cornflower Sensitive Skin Shampoo: a hair shampoo formulated for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation. It is formulated with extra delicate extracts and a protective effect!

This shampoo is a gentle detergent, very delicate and formulated with vegetable surfactants; particularly ideal for soothing irritated skin and effectively combating itching.

It gives the sensitive skin the help and feeling of well-being it needs.

The cornflower is a plant from the characteristic blue-blue flowers with a number of properties. In cosmetics, in addition to being one of the most used natural remedies for eye well-being, it is also a valid aid in eliminating inflammations that can appear on the scalp. By virtue of its healing properties it helps cell repair. Moreover, thanks to its antiseptic, toning, astringent and rebalancing properties, it is an excellent anti-dandruff treatment.

Observing the INCI it is possible to notice the presence also of soothing and moisturizing extracts effective for dry and sensitive skin such as, for example, Ots, Calendula, Chamomile, Aloe and Malva. These extracts together with Panthenol and Cornflower help reduce redness and form an effective protective barrier on the scalp.

Furthermore, this shampoo is characterized by the presence of a special ingredient: Incense Oil.

Incense oil is derived from Boswellia, a plant of the Burseraceae family. Known for its numerous antiseptic properties, in cosmetics, it is used as an epidermal astringent and toned for sensitive skin. Its oil has the ability to penetrate deeply and re-oxygenate the tissues giving a pleasant feeling of calm even on an emotional level thanks to its marked rebalancing action of the central nervous system: it infuses serenity. Moreover, this oil is effective in counteracting the formation of fungi and bacteria and for this reason, it is used as a natural antiseptic. It is the ideal remedy for scars, lesions, and inflammations of the skin.


Like any Maternatura product, it is presented in a beautiful floral bottle with a white background and depicting the beautiful blue flowers of Cornflower.

The texture is light and extremely delicate. It can be used either pure or diluted in a shampoo. Personally, I prefer to use it diluted to increase the yield and its foaming power.

After rubbing the hair, I suggest to gently massage the skin and leave the shampoo to act a few minutes before rinsing so that the active ingredients contained in it are at their best. Repeat the operation if necessary.

I use this shampoo in synergy with the Sunflower’s Restructuring Mask of the same brand.

The hair is clean for longer, brighter and softer while the skin is fresh, soothed and balanced.

Maternation councils:

  • If your hair is also bleached or colored alternates with Colored Hair Shampoo with Borage, it prolongs the yield of your color;
  • If your hair is also Secchi alternates with the Chamomile Dry Hair Shampoo;
  • If your hair is also Grassi alternates with the Fat Hair Shampoo with Cisco.

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