Many girls use the best flat iron for curly hair but don’t know how to use liquid crystals for better hair care.

Surely you will know what liquid crystals are but how to use them, how and when to apply them is a rather confusing and debated topic. For this reason, I would like to clarify the subject by presenting you with Maternatura Vanilla Flower Liquid Crystals.

Even when we choose a product for the “finish” of our hair, it is important to focus our choice on an eco bio product; not only to support a healthy treatment for our hair and contribute to environmental sustainability but also because it is essential to protect our hair subject to daily stresses such as climate and smog.

It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the spikes and lengths, as it is PRIME to suffer from problems of this type.

The liquid crystals are called in this way because they have intermediate characteristics between those of liquids and those of solid crystals, it is a new phase called precisely liquid-crystalline with very specific characteristics, such as:

  1. Allow the fold to be set for a long time
  2. Make the hair brighter
  3. Ability to “seal” split ends, reducing frizzy hair
  4. Natural thermo-protective action

The Maternatura Vanilla Liquid Crystal Crystals are an innovative and indispensable product for the care of our hair because they are free of silicones and parabens and have a very pleasant fragrance.

They are applied to the tips and lengths without the need for rinsing. In this way the product will bring brightness and nutrition to the hair, making it softer, hydrated and shining.

They have a particularly pleasant creamy texture and help to create a non-greasy crystalline film on the hair, reducing static electricity and giving brightness and softness. For this reason, they are perfect for those with unruly hair and who are never in place.


  • Jojoba oil: excellent moisturizer and antioxidant; contrasts aging and makes the hair softer and more resistant;
  • Vanilla extract: in cosmetics, vanilla is used not only for its delicious fragrance but also for its nourishing, softening and regenerating properties; gives the hair softness;
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: excellent emollient and moisturizer;
  • Millet Extract: stimulates the formation of keratin, a substance of which hair and nails are composed; facilitates elasticity, resistance, and firmness of the hair;
  • Oat Extract: has moisturizing and soothing properties, helps increase skin tolerability;
  • Soy Oil: excellent regenerating for skin and hair; regulates their keratinization balance and is suitable for both oily and dry skin as it is very moisturizing and easily absorbed;
  • Sweet Almond Oil: has a strong antioxidant and protective power on the hair, penetrates deeply, makes the hair softer and nourished and fights dryness and the formation of split ends;
  • Walnut Oil: has polished, strengthening and sebum regulating properties; releases a reflecting pigment to give brightness and shine to the hair;
  • Baobab: it is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturizer, protects the barrier function of the capillary stem and is highly nutritious and protective;
  • Hyaluronic Acid: effective moisturizer useful for styling with a brush and hairdryer; protects and optimizes the use of the plate, reducing dehydration;
  • The amino acids of Soy, Jojoba, Sunflower and Mimosa Waxes create the perfect mix to make hair silkier and to give structure and body.


The product is presented in a practical 50 ml vial with a special dispenser. Like any Maternatura product, the pack is floral and simply wonderful. Congratulations to the graphic designer always impeccable!

The texture of the product is orange, semi-fluid and has a heavenly vanilla fragrance!

They are the best liquid crystals for hair tried so far and I would recommend them.

I use them after cleansing and dry hair for a soft and luminous finish by rubbing a small amount of product into the palms of my hands and applying it only on the lengths of the hair and insisting on the ends.

If your hair and skin are greasy, I recommend applying it only on the ends.

It can also be used on freshly washed and towel-dried hair before drying.

It is perfect in synergy with all Maternatura styling products; absolutely to have!

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