For this reason, today I thought of proposing a solution to shape the hair of your men … and why not? Even yours!

It is a universal product but particularly recommended for those who have a short hairstyle and want more definition. For this reason, I present to you a small “jewel” of the CAPE UNDICI LINE of Domus Olea Toscana, which was created for the recovery and maintenance of the health of skin and hair.

The protagonist of my review today is, therefore, the DENSIFYING CREATIVE PASTA: a slightly perfumed modeling paste, rich in texturizing oils and waxes, ultra-nourishing and protective against humidity, electricity, and smog.

It has a densifying effect as it is particularly effective in dividing the locks, without merging them but producing a multiplier effect for fine and thinned hair.

It is also an excellent modeler for every type of hair; essential to obtain different natural styles, flexible, repositionable and untidy.

Like all the products of the line also the Densifying Creative Pasta has a keratin composition similar: it contains, in fact, a specific combination similar to the keratin of the hair, reproduced with phytochelatin from wheat and rice and 11 different amino acids (Arginine, Lysine, Serine, Alanine, Cystine, Aspartic Acid, Threonine, Leucine, Proline, Valine, Glutammino Acid), which promote the regeneration of keratin bonds, repairing the hair fiber and increasing elasticity and resistance to defibrillation.

Furthermore, they increase blood circulation and therefore the nutrition of the hair follicle, favoring the growth of strong, silky and shiny hair.


This product has been tested by my brother Daniel thanks to the collaboration with the company, especially thanks to the precious availability of Alessio al Sana 2018 who honored him!

Daniel really liked it a lot because he didn’t grease his hair but he modeled it without weighing it down.

Moreover, it leaves no residue: a very important feature that my brother wanted to emphasize.

Unlike classic modeling gels or creams, this product regulates and volumizes giving a matt effect and keeping the styling intact all day long.

Its texture is fluid and versatile! Daniel, in fact, uses this product every morning heating a small amount in his hands and distributing it on the hair until the desired effect is achieved.

Finally, its constant use really contributes to a healthier appearance of the hair.

I confess that I also wanted to try this product: in particular to regulate my hairstyle and to keep the hair “united” in a ponytail.

For this reason, I can confirm that it does not weigh down the hair in any way but models it to your liking without leaving unsightly residues; it is easily removed by simply brushing the hair.

As you can see, this product is perfect for boys and I find it a very nice gift idea for the Christmas holidays!

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