Coconut oil has always been known for healthy skin and hair. In fact, it is very nutritious and is rich in vitamins. The oil is extracted from the pulp, dried or fresh from the fruit and has extraordinary cosmetic properties.

Coconut oil with Tiare flowers by Maternatura is the ideal treatment for those with dry and brittle hair but is suitable for all types of hair thanks to its soothing, emollient and reparative properties.

This oil lends itself perfectly as a product to reinforce and polish very dry hair, ruined by chemical stains, climate or sea or swimming pool water. Returns the right level of hydration, repairing split ends and eliminating frizz. Very rich in vitamin E, it has a heavenly scent that resembles an exotic beach thanks to the presence of the natural fragrance of Tiare’s white flower.

The Tiare flowers also have an excellent soothing effect and when they are immersed in coconut oil they produce a very precious vegetable oil called Monoi: this oil is rich in vitamin E, has emollient, soothing, regenerating and restructuring properties and fights the formation of free radicals.


Coconut oil can be used both on the skin and on the hair. In the summer I love its pleasant enveloping and softening sensation on the body: it restores elasticity and hydration lost after exposure to the sun. Rehydrates the layers of the epidermis and gives a softer, relaxed, smooth and hydrated skin.

However, I use coconut oil more often on my hair because it is a real panacea for my hair!

How do I use it?

Any oil should always be used on damp skin and hair so as to best provide the right degree of hydration and nourishment.

I use it as a pre-shampoo on my hair, always making sure I have properly moistened the hair by using a spray. After that, I proceed with the application from the roots to the ends with the help of my tangle teezer.

Afterward, I wrap my hair in a warm towel and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.

If the hair is particularly damaged, I recommend a longer exposure time: 1 or 2 hours but also overnight if necessary!

In this regard, I advise you to wrap your hair in the Cotton Magic, the pressed 100% cotton magic towel! I was able to receive it at Sana from the company but currently, you can buy it comfortably on PrimoBio at a price of 9.90 euros. This cloth is really effective because it not only allows you to wrap your hair in a comfortable turban after having washed it and without fear of ruining it, but it is also perfect for laying various wraps with oils and masks for example.

It comes in a round disk but once stored in hot water in 30 seconds it inflates and is immediately ready to be used!

Its 50 x 80 cm size allows its use even for very long hair; it is easy to use and turns into a comfortable turban.

Once the laying time of our hair pack with coconut oil is over, it is possible to cleanse with shampoo and a little balm if necessary.

The result?

Bright, soft, healthy and easy to comb hair!

Its constant use prevents the formation of split ends and eliminates frizz.

Furthermore, 1 or 2 drops of oil can be used on freshly washed hair even before drying, provided that the dose is really minimal and applied only and exclusively to the tips to avoid heaviness and greasiness. In this way, the oil will help to deeply nourish even the most damaged ends of our hair.

Finally, in summer it can be used as a nourishing treatment for the hair as a pre-sun or a suntan oil: this prevents our hair from drying up and becoming brittle on the beach and protects them from wind, heat, salt, and sand. giving a perfect wet effect. “Beach waves” insured!

The fragrance is truly heavenly: exotic, enveloping, sensual and intense. The real “holiday” fragrance that allows us to travel with the mind even in the cold season. A real cuddle of beauty that immediately catapults us into an exotic beach all year round!

Note: it solidifies at temperatures higher than 25 °. Simply heat it between your hands or a bain-marie to be able to reuse it comfortably.

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