Bioearth is a company that for over 20 years has been producing natural products for wellness and beauty that are strictly organic and cruelty-free. During the trade fair, there were two moments dedicated to journalists and bloggers to learn about the 2018 innovations: news that I believe exceeded my expectations to the point of immediately rushing to the purchase of products in full size!

In particular, the new “Bioearth Hair 2.0” line was presented for the first time by the very illustrious Dr. Sabrina Mazzaschi, one of the leading experts in natural cosmetics in Italy as well as the founder of the Bioearth brand.

“Bioearth Hair 2.0” is, therefore, a line dedicated to the care and beauty of hair and consists of 20 effective, pleasant, organic, ecological and AIAB certified products.

The most important thing to be able to take care of our hair is to know our type of hair and select the most suitable products for our characteristics. For this reason, thanks to “Bioearth Hair 2.0” specific treatment pathways were born, commonly known with the terminology “Beauty Routine”.

These paths are divided into types:


This path is based on spirulina microalgae and is indicated to give energy and protection to all types of hair, especially those that are stressed and exposed to environmental pollution.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Antioxidant Shampoo 250 ml
  • Remineralizing Mask 150 ml
  • Remineralized Balm 150 ml

Functional substances: spirulina microalgae, verbena essential oils, lavender and extracts of moringa, fucus, Centella, burdock and wheat proteins.


The ideal route for those who want more care and regeneration for their colored, bleached, chemically treated and brittle hair. Ideal for dry and damaged hair.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Protective Shampoo 250 ml
  • Illuminating Mask 150 ml
  • Restoring Balm 150 ml
  • Protective Spray Lotion 100 ml

Functional substances: essential oil of orange, extracts of calendula, chamomile, mallow, coconut, ginseng, and wheat protein.


The Purity treatment acts in depth starting from the scalp to effectively correct non-existent dandruff. Thanks to its purifying, soothing and calming activity for oily and heavy hair, skin and hair will soon regain their natural well-being.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Normalizing Shampoo 250 ml
  • Purifying Shampoo 250 ml
  • Rebalancing serum 50 ml

Functional substances: essential oil of peppermint, sage, rosemary, melaleuca, burdock, nettle and green tea.


Pure nourishment for dry, dry and split ends. This type of treatment treats moisturizes and protects the hair, giving volume and softness.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Moisturizing Shampoo 250 ml
  • Nourishing Mask 150 ml
  • Nourishing Balm 150 ml
  • Oil 50 ml

Functional substances: essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, oat extracts, wheat germ, argan, and coconut oils.


Thanks to the particular extracts and oils present in the products of this range, the atonic and dull hair will find “energy” and “vitality” thanks to the invigorating and invigorating effect.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Reinforcing Shampoo 250 ml
  • Reinforcing Serum 50 ml

Functional substances: essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, extracts of soy germ, ivy, rosemary, Scutellaria, sage, soy, and wheat protein.


Specific products for the care and styling of curly and wavy hair.

This route consists of the following references:

  • Anti-frizz shampoo 250 ml
  • Detergent Balm 150 ml
  • Spray lotion regulating 100 ml
  • Fissante mousse 150 ml

Functional substances: essential oils of bergamot, extracts of green tea, oats, wheat germ oil and jojoba.

At this point, Bioearth recommends a certain routine depending on the type of hair:

  1. Before proceeding with the Shampoo, Dr. Mazzaschi suggests the application of a mask as a “strong” treatment designed to improve the appearance and structure of the hair intensively.
  2. Afterward, the choice of the shampoo to be used is fundamental for every beauty routine because it is very important to cleanse your hair without drying it and respecting the skin.
  3. After shampooing, it is advisable to use a conditioner; indispensable passage for softer hair, visibly nourished and easy to comb.
  4. During the event, Dr. Mazzaschi also focused on the cases in which hair care must absolutely start from the roots with a specific product: the serum for the scalp.
    “Bioearth Hair 2.0” serums are specific concentrated treatments for critical scalp care. They can be applied both on wet and dry hair. It is also advisable to use them regularly with cycles of 1 – 3 months and several times a year.
  5. Moreover, hair oil is extremely important for the care of dry, damaged and stressed hair, but ideal for any type of hair for a visibly healthier and fuller appearance.
  6. Finally, for the “Cicciolina” offers totally green styling products! An extremely innovative range to give tone and style to the hairstyle.

As you can see Bioearth has thought of everything!

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to know and “touch” these products: finally, I was able to understand once and for all what my hair needs by composing a path depending on the type of hair and its problems.

In the next reviews, I will show you in detail what I have chosen for my hair beauty routine, trying in my small way to instill greater awareness in the choice of green products in respect of people and the environment because it is essential that “Beauty, Wellness and Environment be taken to hair”!

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