Acid rinse is a real “step” of our hair care routine that can never be missed.

Today I’ll explain why.


In each hair, it is possible to recognize three different parts: the stem, or the visible part of the hair outside the skin. The root, immersed in the skin connected to the erector muscle of the hair. The bulb, the deepest part, in which the hair-generating matrix is ​​present.

The stem of our hair is formed by scales that tend to open especially after the application of some treatments such as dyes (both natural and chemical) or during shampoo cleansing.

When the scales of our hair are open, the trunk has a tendency to appear drier, dull and prone to breaking. For this reason, it is important to close the scales to give more brightness and to have healthier hair.

For this reason, after each wash, it is necessary to restore the pH level of our hair through the so-called “acid rinse”.

This technique was used already by our grandmothers who washed their hair with solid soap with basic pH and which made their hair particularly dry.

But what did our grandmothers use?

A tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice in a liter of cold water.

Coldwater, in fact, unlike hot water, closes the scales and in synergy with vinegar or lemon enhances its effects!

In this way, a luminous hair is obtained and the hair is softer to the touch.

A popular tradition still alive today, especially in the most careful beauty addicts.

After this important introduction, I am pleased to present you a “ready to use” acid rinse formulated with care and love by Maternatura.

Here is the Pink Geranium Hair Acid Rinse!

A powerful elixir of beauty for our hair to use pre and/or post-dry to close the hair cuticles and make them appear soft, bright and shiny. It also eliminates limestone deposits, which are responsible for frizzy, dull and dull hair.


  • The lactic acid and glycolic acid contained in the formulation in synergy with the physiological acidity of the floral water of orange flowers balance and restore the natural pH of the hair, acting against the limestone residues.
  • Panthenol, the essential oils of citrus fruits and pink geranium, the vegetable extracts of mango and passionflower hydrate and re-close the scales of the stem damaged by frequent or particularly aggressive washes or by the heat of the hairdryer or the plate.
  • The hair immediately becomes visibly brighter, easier to comb, disciplined, less frizzy and softer!
  • Alcohol is also present in the formulation. However, there is no need to worry because it is the ideal solvent for cosmetic products as it is extremely volatile and allows the nebulization of the active ingredients without leaving a trace on the hair. It evaporates so quickly at the time of vaporization that it does not even reach the hair.
  • This acid rinse has a pH of 3.5.


I recommend the use of this product at the end of all treatments: then after using shampoo, conditioner or mask or after henna and/or herbal wraps.

Nebulize as evenly as possible on damp hair, insisting on lengths and ends, taking care to avoid contact with the eyes.

Conclude later with styling and drying.

It is an eco-friendly and vegan product intended for all types of hair that seeks more radiance and softness; it is perfect for dull, dull, frizzy and electric hair, as well as for bleached, colored and damaged hair with aggressive treatments.

Its fragrance is light, fresh and floral!

The notes of geranium are perceived gently for an aromatherapy touch of pleasant well-being.


Do-it-yourself home-made acid rinse preparations, with pH, not properly balanced, can alter the state of the cuticle on a par with aggressive treatment.

The Hair Acid Rinse with Geranium Rosa of Maternatura, instead, be ready to use, it is formulated respecting the pH of the hair and has a neutral fragrance. This for not having multi-fragrances in our hair!

Ideal for combating frizz and dryness and giving extra shine after the henna and Ayurvedic herbal compresses.

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