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Oil Suppliers (home Heating Oil, Fuel Oil) in East End North Fork Long Island, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 06:36 PM EST with 9 listings
Fuel oil suppliers included companies that deliver oil on a schedule basis, a when-called basis (fuel oil COD). Some provide fixed price contracts, many also service oil burners and annual cleaning.
Oil Suppliers (home Heating Oil, Fuel Oil) in East End North Fork Long Island, NY

Burt's Reliable

Provide soybean oil made from domestically grown beans like alternative to traditional fuel oil
1515 Youngs Ave., Southold NY 11971 P.O. Box 696, Tel 631-765-3767
Fax: 631-765-1744; E-mail: info@burts.com
Website: burts.com

Eckert Oil Service

Local heating oil supplier
10680 Main Rd., Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-298-4197

Falkowski-Smith Plumbing & Heating & Fuels

Budget plans for oil supply, complete oil burner service with contracts
49200 Main Rd., Southold NY 11971 Fax 631-765-6694
Tel: 631-765-1489

Hands Fuel Co.

Fuel oil & premium diesel, serving North Fork area
29335 Main Rd., Orient NY 11957 Tel 631-323-3844

McBurnie Fuels

Complete oil service and installation, residential and commercial deliveries
22355 Main Rd., Cutchogue NY 11958 Tel 631-734-6350

Peconic Energy Corporation

Fuel oil delivery company meeting all residential and commercial needs
1785 Crown Land ln., Cutchogue NY 11935 Fax 631-734-5030
Tel: 631-734-2800; E-mail: info@peconicenergy.com
Website: peconicenergy.com


Serving Nassau and Suffolk. Oil delivery, equipment installation, service and service contracts.
Tel 516-932-7000
Website: slomins.com


Summithome is a fuel company servicing all of Long Island with in house service department will dispose of old oil tank and install new oil tank home heating systems installed
All Long Island NY Tel 631-421-0949

West Mill Fuels

Supplying home heating oil, kerosene and diesel fuel to residential and commerical users.
1480 West Mill Rd., Mattituck NY 11952 Fax 631-298-5187
Tel: 631-298-5146; E-mail: info@westmillfuels.net
Website: westmillfuels.net