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Chiropractic in East End North Fork Long Island, NY

Updated Oct 05 2014 06:36 PM EST with 11 listings
There are many chiropractic adjustments that can be made to improve your daily functioning. A chiropractor certified in chiropractic medicine can try to resolve your back pain. Chiropractic medicine is often practiced in combination with physical therapy.
Chiropractic in East End North Fork Long Island, NY

Alternative Healthcare Chiropractic

Located in Southold, NY, Alternative Healthcare Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling, hormone testing and balancing, detoxification, weight loss programs, gentle chiropractic care, cranial sacral therapy and more.
44600 Country Road 48, Southold NY 11971 Fax 631-765-6138
Tel: 631-765-1216; E-mail: lbcowley@optonline.net
Website: meta-ehealth.com

Chierchie Steven J N DC

44210 Middle Rd., Southold NY 11971 Tel 631-765-5151

Cilla Jamieson DC

Orient NY 11957 Tel 631-323-1419

Coutchogue Chiropractic

345 Reeves Ave., Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-298-5253

Crowley Lisa B

44600 Route 48, Southold NY 11971 Tel 631-765-1216

Family Chiropractic Office

Main Rd., Mattituck NY 11952 Main Rd & Pike St, Tel 631-298-5333

Hall Richard A. DC

Main Rd., Southold NY 11971 Tel 631-765-9520

Niemynnski Kristina M DC

345 Reeves Ave., Mattituck NY 11952 Tel 631-298-5253

Release and Balance

"Release and Balance Therapy", a holistic state of the art approach to wellness.
All Long Island NY Tel 631-725-2117
E-mail: releaseandbalance@yahoo.com; Website: releaseandbalance.com

Robinson David E DC

56850 Route 25, Southold NY 11971 Tel 631-765-1191

Southold Chiropractic Office

Southold NY 11971 Main Rd & Town Harbor Ln, Tel 631-765-1191
E-mail: drdave@optonline.net